The Catenaia Alps offer endless possibilities of excursions for everyone all year long. You can go for a simple walk, enjoy mountain bike excursions, go horse-riding, and in some pathways it is possible to use quads and cross motorbikes.In winter, you can experience wonderful snowshoeing on paths covered with snow.

Starting from Casa Taverni there are a number of ring pathways that will lead you in different places of the Catenaia Alps. You can reach the Prati della Regina, on the highest peak of these Alps, Monte Castello, at 1414 a.s.l. Then you can proceed towards Sasso della Regina, another strategic point for nature lovers and photographers: here the pathway becomes an actual panoramic terrace, from which you can watch over the Valtiberina area on one side and the Aretino valley on the other side, admiring the crest of the entire Pratomagno.

Near Casa Taverni, there is Pathway n. 50, which starts from the Santuario della Verna and follows the walk of Celle di San Francesco, passing through Eremo della Casella and Sasso della Regina.

Very near Casa Taverni, it is possible to go for excursions in the magic landscape of the Parco dei Monti Rognosi and the Valle del Sovara, a natural reserve that stands out for its particular morphology and its rugged landscape (http://www.toscanadappennino.it/parco-monti-rognosi-valle-del-sovara).

Pathways near Casa Taverni

Pathways traced by the Club Alpino Italiano (CAI, Italian Alps Club)

At Casa Taverni you canfind the CAI maps

Pathway n. 50 – 1st part: from Scheggia, SP 43 road junction to Monte Castello in the Catenaia Alps (14.3 km) – 2nd part: from Monte Castello to La Verna (15 km).

Pathway n. 10 – connects the forest road above Valomagna to Pathway n. 50 near Cul di Paiolo (2.5 km).

Pathway n. 03 – connects the SP 43 near Chiaveretto to Sasso della Regina, passing through Casa Taverni and Fonte al Baregno (12.8 km).

Pathway n. 04 – connects Monte Giovi and Pathway n. 50 to Cul di Paiolo through Falciano, Casa Taverni (10 km).

Pathway n. 11 – connects Giuliano to Pathway n. 03 near Casa Taverni (6.1 km).

Pathway n. 13 – connects Pathway n. 03 to Fonte al Baregno and Pathway n. 012 to the yard, passing through the Pozza delle Stroscie (4.3 km).

Pathway n. 15 – connects Vogognano to Pathway n. 03, under Fonte al Baregno (7.6 km).

Pathway n. 16 – connects Valenzano Castle to Pathway n. 015 near Casotto (5.2 km).

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