Casa Taverni is an old house that takes its name from the family who lived here for generations, until the 50s, when it was abandoned because of better jobs in towns, unfortunately becoming a ruin over the years.

I fondatori di Casa Taverni - Il checco e la Gigia


Checco (Ago) and Gigia (Elena) are back.

There is no trusted information about its foundation, but many are the tales about it. Among these, one in particular tells that Casa Taverni may have been built at the end of the XIX century by a couple, “Checco and Gigia, who came from the Alto Casentino area. It happened that, around the 1880s, the very young man, who came from the mountains, got married and brought his young wife to the family home, but was no longer happy with the rest of his family and was forced to go away… he took the rifle, the hatchet and the green umbrella and with a bungle of personal stuff he left with his wife… They stopped at La Verna, then proceeded through the mountains and arrived on the Catenaia Alps. Here, in a plane plot of land, they planted the green umbrella, built a charcoal-burner’s hut and at the same time started to build a shelter on their own”.

Targa Partigiani Casa Taverni "Pio Borri"


The plaque dedicated to the Partisans of the “Pio Borri” Brigade – Casa Taverni

During the Second World War, Casa Taverni became the headquarters of the 23th “Pio Borri” Brigade who fought against the nazi-fascists, as recalled by the commemorative plaque on the house wall. The Pio Borri Brigade was a partisan brigade that operated in the Aretino area, and was named after one of the first fallen of the Italian Liberation War. Its members were former soldiers, persecuted politicians and prisoners who fled fascist concentration camps .

The neighborhood and the house itself were the scene of many historical facts, but many other stories still hide untold. Various events are organized in the Catenaia Alps to commemorate all these happenings. Come to visit us to discover them!